Event: Increasing collective impact & serving common interests sustainably – 15th May 2012

How can we adjust our organisational practice to increase our collective impact and better serve our common interests, wealth and well-being? The current economic crisis is but one of the reasons that this is a critical question of our time and the topic for exploration on the afternoon of the Tuesday 15th May in partnership with the School of Commoning, the Gaia Network and Working in Trust and as part of the Quilligan series of events launching at the House of Commons on the 8th May.

James Quilligan, advisor to governments around the world will open the forum with his insight into the subject followed by a cornucopia of short exposees on what can be done practically in any organisation; business, social or community enterprise. These will demonstrate and provide practical examples and provide information on how to find out more. There will then be an open space for dialogue and exploration developing ideas.

Contributors include:

George Por, Founder of The School of Commoning

Sally Gritten, President of Human Systems Dynamics Institute

Tony Brown, ex Quality Director, BAE Systems

Dr Susan Canney, Oxford University & co-founder of the Gaia Network

Patrick Andrews, ex corporate lawyer & co-founder of Working in Trust, a charity fostering the development of organisations balancing the needs of the environment, community and staff

Insights shared will include:

  • Drawing on ideas from complexity theory & observation of how the natural world works, to re-examine our inherited notions of leadership, power and control, the session will examine some of the implications for how we organize. In particular, adjustments needed to our governance systems.
  • Drawing from an understanding of how large numbers of people become mobilized towards a common concern – such as happened with ‘social movements’ like the ‘green movement’ – to explore options for making an impact on issues that concern us.
  • Drawing on insight from Human Systems Dynamics by introducing a method identifying and illustrating simple adjustments to help build generative work with teams or collaborations.
  • An exploration of what kind of ethic we need to instill in businesses and other organizations in order to encourage of the commons, and what kind of legal and governance structures will support this.
  • An introduction to the Model of Sustainable Organisation; a model and compilation of material to support organisations deliver sustainable results from the perspectives of all stakeholders (drawing on insight of Dr Deming and others on organisations as a system and within systems).
  • What if we treated health as a ‘commons’? What could a reformed healthcare system look like; a system where patients are no longer just consumers of services but help to design and deliver them?

We invite you to join the exploration. For more details and to register go to http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3140448165. Minimum donation of £25 invited to cover costs of convening the event.

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