Potential topics / Insight helpful in considering "how can we adjust our business (organisational) models, systems and ways of working to help better serve the common interests and protect the well-being of all?"

Topics for Discussion / Short presentations sharing insight

Below are some of the topics / insight helpful is considering how to adjust out business (organisational) models, systems and ways of working to help better serve the common interests and protect the well-being of all. First I will outline suggested questions that they workshop will address. We are drawing together a convening team which will work on refining this in the run up to the workshop. We invite your suggestions and please make contact if you would be interested in being involved in the design / convening team.

Workshop Questions

The workshop will consider the following questions:

  • How do our approaches and ways of working hinder us from working together to address the needs of all stakeholders and what can be done to help?
  • How can insight from different disciplines eg one or more systems approaches help in addressing the challenge?
    • Eg Complexity science, whole scale change
    • What organizational models and frameworks eg performance measurement and management models, help us to understand and manage the wider and longer term impact of the organisation or organizational unit?
    • How can we adapt our organizational structures to help?
    • What can we do to overcome / work round the limitations of our existing structures?
    • Practical examples of work addressing the challenge.

We invite you to suggest others and, if you could share insight to let us know.

We are aware that there will be a lot of expertise in the room. To allow for fuller consideration of a range of relevant insight we invite proposals from interested participants of short (@5 minute) presentations.  If you feel you have insight on the subjects above or other perspectives that may be helpful we invite you to email a paragraph or two of outline.

We also welcome suggestions for others whom it would be valuable to invite.

 Presentations invited/offered to date:

  • A taxonomy of management practice to improve the collective impact of our organisations.
  • Overview of the Model of Sustainable Organisation (MoSO from CQI); a framework developed to assist enterprises understand and improve relationships, improve performance and create a sustainable future. (Malcolm Gall or Alan Hodges)
  • How to better serve consumer needs and the wider common interests. Exploring the contribution of / through autonomous leadership and management and improved understanding of the system.

Potential topics – offers to present invited

We seek speaker to address these or other perspectives addressing the convening question

What needs to be done to adjust our business (organizational) models, systems and ways of working to help better serve the needs of all stakeholders (including society and the environment)?”

  • A taxonomy of approaches that can help improve organizational responsiveness to common interests
  • An overview of individual systems approach/es (eg. complexity science) and how it/they can help improve organizational responsiveness to common interests
  • A whistle-stop tour of systems approaches and how they can help improve organisational sensitivity/responsiveness to common interests.
  • A strategy to engage people in increasing the effectiveness of the wider system – [for example, a quick overview of Kaizen/continuous improvement]
  • Adjustments to our strategic planning processes to become more agile and responsiveness to direct and indirect  & future needs of direct and indirect needs
  • How understanding outcomes and outcome-based management & delivery processes can increase sensitivity to needs of consumers and other stakeholders (drawing on Japanese approaches
  • An overview Level 2 Continuous Improvement; A process for improving management processes and continuously increasing the responsiveness to complex needs of all stakeholders.

These are some suggested topics that I believe would help provide insight into the challenge. I welcome other suggestions. I would also be interested in speaking with anyone interested in developing the thinking and finding opportunities to for wider exploration of the challenge.

Esther Ridsdale, event convener.



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