Characteristics of Forum Events

The intended ‘DNA’ for events hosted under the auspices is :

1) Participative and interactive style; promoting deep listening and respectful dialogue

2) Clearly relating to the mission:

  • Working together to build a world where all can flourish
  • supporting the processes of building Civil Society; (for which we use the inclusive definition of ‘making a positive contribution to our own lives and the lives of others’
  • enhancing our individual and collective contribution; working collaboratively and supporting each other in this
  • increasing efficacy in how we work and live whilst being sensitive to the interests of other stakeholders; maximizing contribution and minimizing harm
  • adjusting our ways of working and living to be more life-enhancing; better serve the needs of all stakeholders, now and future generations
  • – and making the link to this explicit.

3) Space and process designed to be conducive to / enabling of transformative action

4) Linking all exploration to the wider aims and deeper impact. Showing compassion for all and not doing harm

5) Taking systemic, life-enhancing approaches that bring integrity or ‘wholeness’; drawing on congruent approaches (e.g. Systems thinking, holistic approaches, complexity, deep democracy, integral approaches to personal and organizational development)

6) Conscious attention to what possibilities might be emerging and to enabling the emergence of beneficial activity (might want to emerge and helping this to emerge) e.g. collaborative action, future activity

7) Focus on grounding to practical action moving forward