Collaborative cells: an experiment in embodying civil society

Exploring practices that enable us to work together in more mutually fulfilling ways

Collaborative Cells: An experiment in embodying ‘Civil Society’

This an experiment to define and prototype practices that seek to enable us to collaborate in ways that are beneficial to everyone and to ‘organise’, design organisations and ultimately build a world where all can flourish.

This is an open experiment to test out a set of organising principles at a small scale; enabling small-scale collaborations between members/participants through what we are calling a Collaborative Cell. It aims to prototype an infrastructure that would enable this to be scaled up to generate more life-enhancing organisational forms.

It will seek to embody practices that embody wholeness at every level drawing from ideas about reinventing organisations and teal principles (as described in Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ ), Theory U, complexity theory, spiritual intelligence and ideas on what it is that enables people and other living systems to thrive.

This is a practical experiment in embodying ‘civil society’; ways of working together where all can flourish.