Serving as a host is a great way to contribute to increasing the value and enjoyment that everyone gets from the Forum activities and to opening the ways of further possibilities to emerge from each event; both for the host themselves and the participants.
Hosts can volunteer for one or many events.
The host has an important role in:
  • Encouraging attendance
  • Setting up the space
  • Holding the space
  • Helping consolidate and build momentum to create further value
The aim and role of the host is to:
1) Help set up the event to maximise impact *(See characteristics to help enable this below)
  • Where not over-subscribed, help promote the event – promoting the event to your own networks to help ensure sufficient numbers for event/s to be successful, financially sustainable and reach both the maximum audience and the right audience. Where there are difficulties accessing the right audience, it would be appreciated if hosts could help with this as mutually agreed.
  • Liaise with organiser to understand the aims of event, priorities to ensure these are achieved and agree individual roles and responsibilities. – A Skype call with all involved will usually be held a few days before the event.
  • Arrive early, help set up and ensure everything is done to help ensure effective running of the event.
  • Be ready to welcome, register and otherwise set the scene for a conducive event.
  • Help with the arrangements for late arrivals.

2) Hold the space;

  • Help set up the event to maximise impact *(See characteristics to help enable this below)
  • Help create a conducive environment that enables people to access their own resourcefulness, connect with each other, gain benefits from the session and from each other, thus accessing their own insight and preparing to make a post event difference. Encourage people to be creative, resourceful and bold.
  •   – Help the primary group and sub-groups operate effectively: either as an active participant or, where agreed, taking on a particular role, facilitating or capturing discussions.
  • – Help ensure respectful, compassionate and generative discussion; clarifying the important questions to be addressed, keeping focus, helping to ensure everyone gets appropriate air time (encouraging the shy) and importantly, the space/quiet time to think and digest.Encourage attention to grounding conversation to focus on what can be applied in participants’ own particular settings moving forward. Encourage articulation of explicit next steps and clarification of further learning and questions still to be answered.
  • – Listen for possibilities, capture and share opportunities.
  • – Encourage people to be creative, resourceful and bold.
  • Be on the look out for ‘sins of omission’ or ‘commission’; responding as appropriate to maximise smooth running and effectiveness of the event. Help event leaders with emerging requirements.
  • As agreed, help capture and consolidate the value of the event  eg in-event idea capture, post-event reports, post event publicity or other communications
  • Help ensure the venue is left in a condition that represents the Forum’s values.
3) Help uncover and release potentially fruitful possibilities – in moving forward in learning and action, taking steps towards working with others at the event and other potential
  • Listen out for information of future value in responding to needs and/or supporting emerging activity.
  • Listen out for and clarify possible opportunities to support what is emerging. Encourage clarification of explicit steps.
  • Ensure participants are aware of future events and the wider opportunities to get involved and contribute. Encourage participants to join in with planned future activity.
  • Listen out for feedback and feed it back to event organisers and forum conveners.
  • Both during and after events, encourage people to consider developing activity and/or helping them clarify activity that could be hosted under the auspices of the forum.
  • There will usually be post event networking time, sometimes a dinner, which provide opportunitites for networking and where ideas for valuable future work emerge and other feedback and ideas surface. Supporting this process is high value.
In recognition of the host’s contribution a reduced attendance fee will be payable.
If you are interested in being a host please contact:
Characteristics of Forum Events:
  • Clearly relating to the mission – building a world where all can thrive, enhancing our individual and collective contribution, working in life-enhancing ways. Making the link to this mission explicit.
  • Linking all exploration to the wider aims and deeper impact. Doing no harm and showing compassion for all.
  • Participative and interactive style; promoting deep listening and respectful dialogue.
  • Space and process designed to be conducive / enable transformative action
  • Taking systemic, life-enhancing approach; drawing on congruent approaches (e.g. Systems thinking, complexity, deep democracy)
  • Focus on grounding to practical action moving forward
  • Conscious attention to what might want to emerge and helping this to emerge e.g. collaborative action, future activity.