Here is a place for members, associates, and partners to share perspectives related to the theme of “building a world where all can flourish“. A key theme within this is what we need to do in order to make sustainable improvements to our business models, ways of working, quality of life or general wellbeing.

We welcome suggestions. The initial collection of material came out of workshops on the theme “How can we adjust our organisational practice to increase collective impact and better serve the common good?”

We welcome your contribution.


Beyond the Gentleman’s Agreement – Reflections on the CSF ‘Being Civil Society’ experiment by Dr Claudius van Wyk

Organisational Practice and ‘The Commons” – A Keynote Insight from James Quilligan, Chair of the Global Commons Trust

Lessons from the referendum – Can we learn the lessons to become a more ‘civil’ society? by Esther Ridsdale

Organisational Structure and Culture for Living Systems Leadership – The Example of a Scotsman
by Dr Claudius van Wyk

Beyond control – perspectives on human, organisational & societal flourishing- by Esther Ridsdale

Organisational Structure and Culture for Living Systems Leadership – Navigating with the Astrolabe
by Dr Claudius van Wyk

Trusteeship – the future of business? – Patrick Andrews

Where Now for Governance? (From Ant Hills to the Arab Spring) – Tim Harle

Lessons from the Human Brain – Barry Mapp”

Community Engagement in the Social Eco-System Dance – Eileen Conn

Systems Thinking approach incorporated into a Management Model for Organisations whose Leaders value sustainability from all perspectives – Malcolm Gall

Mindfulness in Action – Mark Leonard ‎

The Challenge Facing Independent Workers. Independence or…? – Andy Paice

Yva Alexandrova interviews forum founding convener, Esther Ridsdale on the inspiration and intentions behind the theme ‘Adjusting organisational practice to better serve collective interests, wealth and wellbeing?’ and involvement in the ‘Towards emergence of a commons-based economy’ conference series with James Quilligan.

Some books about effective listening and conversation – Ray Charlton

Reflections after Dynamic Facilitation Workshop by Alison Thorpe, a participant at the event