Ways of Working

Mechanism for developing Forum activity and working groups:


Any member can suggest an area of focus for work fitting within the broad aims of the Forum (See the website and the ‘Scoping the Territory’ document)

The requirements for a Forum working group are as follows:

1.       Identification of a proposed area of focus

2.       An iterative process to find out more about the territory, relevant input and key players and develop proposed approach. Before planning events consider how to best utilize existing thinking, avoid reinventing the wheel, and engage appropriately with others who are operating and interested in the area.

3.       Iterative process of inviting engagement from those with a potential interest and useful contribution to make, gaining their input as appropriate/feasible and feeding this into working plan.

4.       Scope of work: Standard forms of activity are Core Events, Focus Events, Strategic Thinking Event, Pioneer Group / Action Learning, and production of materials.


All Working Groups need to:

a.       Run at least one session at a Core Event

b.      Include a write up for the website and ideally some learning material for wider dissemination.

c.       Provide ‘Territory Analysis’; catalogue of existing players, thinking, knowledge compiled and made openly available (e.g. on the web).


Beyond the basic requirements the nature of activity can be flexible to best meet individual and collective needs.

5.      For a Working Group to be formed there needs to be a quorum of a minimum of 3 people willing to take responsibility for taking the work forward within the Terms of Reference agreed with the Forum Steering group. The Working Group can then expand as wider engagement is achieved.

6.     A principle of The Forum is reflexive practice and feedback, review and response needs to happen at all levels and stages.


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